Hebrew domain names

General Information The registration of domain names containing Hebrew characters, such as איגוד-האינטרנט.org.il (ISOC-IL in Hebrew), has been available since December 26, 2010. The registration of Hebrew domain names is an expansion of the existing domain name registration service and is subject to the registration rules. To register a Hebrew domain name please contact one of ISOC-IL’s accredited […]

Deleting a domain

When should the Delete Operation be employed? When a holder is interested in deleting a domain name immediately, this function may be used. Upon confirmation of the operation, the domain name will no longer be registered and be open to the public under a “first come first serve basis”. Note: The Delete Operation is not […]

Registration Rules

Rules for the Allocation of Domain Names Under the Israel Country Code Top Level Domain (“.IL”) Original version: December 1998 Last update: May 2020 (Version 1.8) Read the registration rules Summary of Amendments

Accreditation Procedure

Application Submit a completed Request for Accreditation. Accreditation Form The form must be accurate and complete. Send the completed form, together with required information and accompanying documents to email (to: acc_application AT isoc.org.il) or by post (to: Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), 6 Bareket St. POB 7219 Petach Tikva 49517, Israel). A non-refundable application fee of […]

Transfer Authorization Code

The Transfer Authorization Code adds a layer of security that protects the Domain Name in the process of transferring from one Registrar to another, allowing only the Domain Name Holder to initiate a transfer request. Following is a general outline of the process: The Losing Registrar generates the Code per the request of the Domain […]

Legal Information

There are two major legal aspects to the REG-REG system. The first deals with the bilateral relationships between ISOC-IL and an Accredited Registrar, and includes the Accreditation Agreement. The second relates to the general public, entailing the amended version of the Registration Rules. Accreditation Agreement The status of being an .il Accredited Registrar entitles the […]

ISOC-IL criticizes a bill proposing to block sexual content online by default

ISOC-IL criticizes a bill proposing to block sexual content online by default: “This is a futile law that will not prevent children from being exposed to pornographic and violent content, causing more harm than good. Who will decide which content should be blocked? It is harsh, undemocratic online censorship. Half of the budget is enough […]


STATISTICS 2019 Number of registered domain names 2019 Number of Domain Names January 248,237 February 248,217 March 248,096 April 247,666 May 248,074 June 248,093 July 248,433 August 248,242 September 248,198 October 248,015 November 248,606 December 248,916 Number of domain names (CSV file) Registration, renewal and expiration 2019 New Registrations Domains Renewed Domains Expired January 4,290 […]

Teaching students will learn how to help children suffering from cyberbullying

Starting at the next school year, all teaching students will train to deal with children’s vulnerability resulting from cyberbullying, as part of a joint initiative of  Israel Internet Association and Dr. Michal Dolev-Cohen of Oranim Academic College, supported by MK Dr. Yifat Shasha-Biton, Chairperson of the Special Committee for the Rights of the Child. The […]

ISOC-IL upgrades the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX)

ISOC-IL has recently completed an upgrade of the technological infrastructure of the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX). As part of the system upgrade, Israeli ISP’s will be able to connect to the IIX at a maximum speed of 100Gbps compared to 10Gbps in the previous version – 10 times faster. ISOC-IL has also published new pricing […]

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