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Time Service (NTP)

A Precise Reference Clock

The Internet Society of Israel is happy to offer to all IIX Peers – a precise reference clock, using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

The service is based on 4 GPS stratum1 time sources, two GPS time sources operated by ISOC-IL, and two located at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The service was previously based on an atomic clock located at the National Physics Laboratory, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The clock is available from ( via NTP, and is Stratum 2.

All Peers are encouraged to make use of the service, to synchronize their router and system clocks.

The common NTP software suite for Unix is xntp, available from your favorite FTP site. Cisco routers (as well as other equipment) can be configured to synchronize their clocks from the NTP server, with no extra software. There are NTP utilities for other software platforms as well.

As the service is based on GPS time sources, we are not able to provide any warranty for the correct operation of the clock, or its uptime. However, experience shows that in the past few years there has not been any major failure in the underlying Stratum 1 system, and the service has generally been very good.

Since the service requires a negligible amount of traffic, and this traffic is intra-Israel only, we have decided to offer the service at the IIX.

ISOC-IL Management Board.