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IIX Price List

Rates for Connecting to the IIX (2022 pricelist)

Price table (In NIS)
Speed Main Backup*
100mb/s 14,000
up-to 500mb/s 22,000
1gb/s 32,000
10gb/s 38,000 5,700
up-to 40gb/s 53,000 7,950
up-to 100gb/s 62,500 9,375
200gb/s 80,000 12,000

For the first year of membership, a Peer will pay for the relative part of the year (pro rata), in integral 1/12 parts of the full price. For example: If you join (activate) on May 10, 2020, you will pay 8/12 of the full yearly price for 2020.

A Peer increasing their connection speed will be billed for the difference, in relative parts, as above. There will be no refunds for a speed decrease (however, next year’s bill will reflect the decrease). There will be no refunds for disconnection before year end.

Upon receipt of ISOC-IL billing, payments should be paid in advance. Terms of payment +30.

A Peer not meeting their dues within the above mentioned period will be automatically cut off (disconnected) from the IIX, and routing for it will be unilaterally discontinued. ISOC-IL will not be held responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by such a disconnection.

All prices do not include VAT. VAT rate for ISOC-IL is currently at 0%.