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Transferring between registrars

Domain name holders have the right to transfer domain name management to the Accredited Registrar of their choice.


  1. Check whether the domain name is locked through the WHOIS.
    A locked domain must be released prior to the transfer request.
    This is achieved through the Losing (present) Registrar’s interface.
  2. Send a request to receive a Transfer Authorization Code (TAC) via the Losing Registrar.
    For additional details about the Transfer Authorization Code.
    Note: TACs are valid for 5 calendar days.
  3. Send a Transfer Request via the Gaining (new) Registrar.
    Simply create an account on the Gaining registrar’s website and send the request through the management interface, or notify the Gaining Registrar’s customer service to receive instructions and assistance.
  4. Once the request has been received by ISOC-IL, an automatic email notification will be sent to the holder’s email.
    The transfer will be completed automatically, within 5 calendar days upon receiving the request.
  5. It is important to note: The Losing registrar is not entitled to object to a domain holder’s request to transfer the domain to another registrar.
  6. ISOC-IL’s Consumer Hotline is available for any complaint or concern regarding a registrar’s activity, services or functioning.


Transfer Lock

ISOC-IL has integrated a domain name locking mechanism to protect against unsolicited or unwanted domain management transfer between registrars. Activation of the transfer lock mechanism means that requests for transfer of domain name management cannot be implemented. When the locking mechanism is deactivated, a request for domain name transfer (which has not been rejected by the managing registrar) will be confirmed automatically within 5 calendar days.

Transfer lock and its deactivation require the holder’s consent.
Transfer lock status can be confirmed through the Whois under the tag “Status”.

To receive a Transfer Authorization Code for domains managed directly by ISOC-IL click here.