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ISOC-IL’s Complaint Department

For any question or problem regarding the management and registration of domain names or the operation of the DNS infrastructure (that is within our area of responsibility) – contact us.

For your convenience – choose the relevant topic from the list below and fill in the online form.

In the form, describe the details of the case and attach any relevant materials. We will examine the issue carefully, and get back to you as soon as possible.

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      This form allows you to file a complaint to ISOC-IL regarding incorrect or missing details in an .il or ישראל. domain name.

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        Complaining about ISOC-IL's Registry

        In any problem you encounter in the .IL domain name registry, you can update us using the following form, or by sending us an email to [email protected].

        In the form, describe your case in details and attach any relevant material.

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          For your information, ISOC-IL is Israel’s ccTLD registry, managing the registration of .il and ישראל. domain names. However, it does not have the authority to monitor or control the content or activities on the websites associated with these domain names.

          Therefore, if you suspect that a certain domain is being used for unlawful activities (phishing, identity theft, illegal trade, abusive content, etc.), please contact the appropriate authorities (namely the Israel Police or CERT) who can confirm that the activity you reported is indeed illegal and bring the relevant party to justice.

          ISOC-IL, as the national domain registry, will of course abide by any formal ruling issued by a competent court regarding a given domain name.

          In addition, ISOC-IL maintains the Whois service as a public resource, allowing access to .il and ישראל. domain holders’ contact information. In relevant cases, you can directly contact them about activity taking place on domains under their holdership.

          In the event that incorrect or outdated contact information is listed on the WHOIS database and you are unable to reach the holder of a domain, you can file a complaint about incorrect WHOIS details using the form above.

          Find out more information about ccTLDs and their technical role in relation to content online by watching this video, produced by CENTR: