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Transfer Authorization Code

The Transfer Authorization Code adds a layer of security that protects the Domain Name in the process of transferring from one Registrar to another, allowing only the Domain Name Holder to initiate a transfer request.

Following is a general outline of the process:

  1. The Losing Registrar generates the Code per the request of the Domain Name Holder and issues the Code following an identification process, as required by the Registrar’s Accreditation Agreement.
  2. After obtaining the Code, the Holder submits the Transfer Authorization Code issued by the Losing Registrar to the Gaining Registrar.
  3. Once the applicant has been identified as the Domain Name Holder, as required by the Registrar’s Accreditation Agreement, the Gaining Registrar submits the transfer request and the Transfer Authorization Code to the Registry.
  4. The Registry system verifies that the Code assigned by the Losing Registrar is identical to the Code submitted by the Gaining Registrar and grants the submission of the transfer request to the Registry.
  5. The Domain Name will be transferred to the Gaining Registrar five days after the application has been submitted to the Registry.

Obtaining the Code

The Losing Registrar may deliver the Transfer Authorization Code to the Holder via the Domain Name administration interface or via email, in a method specified in the Accreditation Agreement. (For security reasons, the Transfer Authorization Code is delivered using an identity verification method implemented in an email message.)

How Long is the Code Valid?

The single-use Code is valid for five days. If the Code has not been used within five days, the Holder must apply for a new Code.

The Transfer Authorization Code will be revoked in the following cases:

  • If a request to reassign has been submitted by another Holder.
  • If the Domain Name has been deleted.
  • If the Registrar received a request for a new Code.

Apply for a Transfer Authorization Code for a Domain Name managed directly by the Israel Internet Association