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Why do we need domain names in Hebrew (IDN)?

From now on, English will no longer be the exclusive default. Israel is about to join additional countries enabling the use of domain names in their native language, so the general public now has the opportunity to register the first names in Hebrew on the internet!

The option of registering domain names in Hebrew, in the ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) with the extension “.ישראל”, will now be available for anyone seeking to use a Hebrew domain name for its website address, for various reasons: increasing the sense of belonging to the local Israeli community, underscoring the Israeli connection to the service or business, alongside providing an opportunity for those less fluent in English to use a Hebrew domain name, easily and in the local language.

The advantages of domain names in Hebrew

 Easy to remember

Your website address can now be proudly displayed on billboards, posters, business cards or even on television, and you can rest assured that people will remember it!

How many times have you been confused by the extensions of various website addresses or have forgotten how to spell out a Hebrew word using Latin letters? Not to mention the problem of the diverse options for spelling city names or Hebrew words that are also well known in English (Tel-Aviv/TLV).

Due to this issue, many companies have tended to refer their clients to look for their name or a slogan associated with them in Hebrew on Google. (“Look for ‘The Taste of Water’ on Google”).

In practice, their competitors could have taken advantage of this to promote themselves either via organic digital marketing using the same expression or even to do so with paid marketing. In both cases, this has proved to be a genuine headache, requiring the investment of additional funds as a form of insurance policy.

With the new domains in Hebrew, there is no risk of confusion as the extension “.ישראל” is linked first and foremost with Israeli websites, and each domain can refer to only one website.

Now you will be able to set up your website address easily, with all your marketing products, and even do so on television. The address that you have set up is what people will see, remember and directly type in – as the address for entering the website or the service you have advertised.

Compatibility for search engines

“.ישראל”  is a country extension rather than a general extension.

Google will come to understand this, and in the future will probably link such websites with Israel.

Local branding and affiliation

Apart from the fact that it is easy to remember Hebrew words, the word “ישראל” (Israel) still benefits from an extremely strong sense of branding among Israelis.

If, for example, you wish to launch a new website dedicated to car reviews in Israel, the address “רכבים.ישראל” (cars.ישראל) is an excellent address. On the other hand, a website with the name ‘’ both sounds and appears much less attractive.

A website located at the address “רכבים.ישראל” could then consider a variety of names:

  • “רכבים.ישראל” (“cars.ישראל”)
  • “רכבים נקודה. ישראל” (“Cars dot. ישראל”)
  • “אתר הרכבים של ישראל” (“Israel’s car website”)
  • “רכבים.ישראל – Israel’s car website” etc.

A wide range of possibilities

There is a huge variety of new possibilities of words and word combinations in Hebrew for website and business names!

Anybody who has tried to find a domain for his business that also included keywords in English has on many occasions most probably come across taken domain names, which have been sold at a very steep price due to their attractiveness (for example, With the shift to Hebrew, business owners or anybody seeking to launch a website will now have the option to use any Hebrew words or a combination of several words without being limited to known words in English.

How can you register a domain in Hebrew?

The registration of the domains with the extension “.ישראל”  is carried out via the Accredited Registrars (AR) of the Israel Internet Association, exactly as is the case with the registration of domains using .IL. Not all the Accredited Registrars carry out registration under the new Hebrew extension, therefore those who are registered under .ישראל are labeled on the list with the .ישראל logo.

The new Israeli ccTLD will operate in parallel to the existing domain using the extension .IL, with the extension .ישראל, based on the principle of equality which forms the basis of the operating method of the Israeli domain names registry – free of any political or commercial considerations whatsoever. This method of operation guarantees that any domain name, however attractive, will be registered for use by whoever first requests it.

The majority of registration rules for use of .ישראל are identical to the terms of use for the extension .il, apart from a number of differences between the rules, mainly in relation to the domain structure, the various limitations on permitted characters and the method of allocation of the sectoral extension “ישוב.ישראל”. However, most of the terms for using .ישראל are identical to those relating to the use of .il. Details of the registration rules for use of the extension .il and all the relevant information can be found on the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) website.

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