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Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), will soon invite the public to register domain names in Hebrew under the new ccTLD – “ישראל.”.

Before the public launch of the new TLD, ISOC-IL will grant eligible parties an exclusive, time-limited opportunity to secure the registration of specific domain names under the new TLD as part of the Sunrise procedure.

Sunrise is a standard procedure among global registries that open new TLDs. ISOC-IL’s multi-step Sunrise procedure will extend over several months, mitigating legal disputes that might arise when the new TLD opens for registration following ISOC-IL and other registrars’ “first come, first served” policy.

ISOC-IL will open the new TLD to the public once Sunrise ends, and everyone can register any available domain name, providing it complies with the registration rules.

Information about the registration rules for “ישראל.”, the Sunrise procedure and more are available at the website.