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IDN ccTLD “ישראל.”

Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), will soon invite the public to register domain names in Hebrew under the new ccTLD – “ישראל.”.

The launch date scheduled by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) for the “ישראל.” Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), is intended to be on September 5, 2022. However, the implementation work required for the correct functioning of the ccTLD by the global browser manufacturers: Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Edge), Mozilla (Firefox), Apple (Safari) and Samsung, will not be completed by the scheduled launch date.

In order to ensure that all the various browser users are able to enjoy proper and immediate use of the new Hebrew ccTLD, it was decided to change the ccTLD launch date until completion of the requisite implementation. This is in accordance with the fundamental principles of the act of registration of domain names in Israel, which is open to the general public of web surfers as an egalitarian domain for all users of the Israeli internet.

The Israel Internet Association continues to work with the global browser manufacturers as part of an intensive effort to ensure the implementation of support for the “ישראל.” ccTLD within their systems.

Following receipt of a precise schedule for implementing the new ccTLD among all the central browsers, the Israel Internet Association will publish a new launch date.

We apologize for the delay and wish to thank you for your understanding!