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Decision regarding the domain זונה-אוכלת-בתחת

זונה-אוכלת-בתחת Translated from Hebrew: ‘slut eating ass’

In Clause 5.g of The Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names:
Work Procedures
, it has been determined that:

“The Committee’s decisions will be received through a majority. The decision to reject a domain name for registration must be based on a majority vote.”

Most of the Committee members voted to reject the requested domain name זונה-אוכלת-בתחת
The majority vote has concluded in a rejection of the domain name זונה-אוכלת-בתחת .

Mr. Hank Nussbacher –
Chairperson of the Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names
of the Israel Internet Association

The Committee Members’ comments:

Prof. Michael Birnhack:

I suggest rejecting the request. According to Clause 8.3 of ISOC-IL’s Domain Name Registration Rules, domains will not be registered if “they contain vulgar words, vulgar language, words which are offensive to public policy or public sentiment, or a name which in any other way does not correlate with Israeli Law”. The present case is considered a harsh pejorative, and falls under the category of “vulgar words, vulgar language”. We have before us the request without its context. We do not know who the requester is or what his/her aims are regarding the website to be operated under the requested domain name. In and of itself, the combination of the aforementioned words is explicit and leaves no room for interpretation, and I fail to see how this expression can be described any way other than “vulgar language”.

Despite the fact that rejecting this domain name impairs the right to free speech, I am of the opinion that the requester can find modes of expression through other channels, without the aforementioned domain name, subject to any jurisdiction.

 Dr. Iris Soroker (Judge, Ret.)

I join Prof. Michael Birnhack’s point of view. The words “slut eating ass” are vulgar, lacking in value, and may encourage objectification of women and belittling them as sex objects. Freedom of expression does not mean the freedom to disrespect women (sex workers included). This will not detriment freedom of expression, and certainly not in a major way, if the requester will choose a domain name which is not for the sake of vulgarity. In my opinion, the requested domain name should be rejected.

 Yochi Brandeis

I approve of the domain name.

A human being has the right to swear to his heart’s content, and in this way express bitterness, fury and uncouthness. When discussing an exhibition of expletives within the public sphere, freedom of speech is not without limits. However, the current expression doesn’t incite nor does it make a generalization. It is a vulgar, disgusting expression, lacking in substance. However, as I have said, people have the right to be vulgar and disgusting.

 Hank Nussbacher

I am of the opinion that the requested domain name is offensive to public sentiments, and it should be rejected.

Deliberation Results:

Three out of four Committee members support rejection of the requested domain name “‘slut eating ass‘”. As stated above, and according to the procedures which have been determined, the request for the domain זונה-אוכלת-בתחת is rejected.

Committee Decision