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Decision regarding the domain

“kaki” Transliterated from the Hebrew slang meaning “excrement”, colloquial use as “shit”

In Clause 5.g of The Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names:
Work Procedures
, it has been determined that:

“The Committee’s decisions will be received through a majority.
The decision to reject a domain name for registration must be based on a majority vote.”

All of the Committee members have voted in favor of approving the requested domain name – the domain name is approved.

Mr. Hank Nussbacher –
Chairperson of the Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names
of the Israel Internet Association

Committee member’s comments:

Prof. Michael Birnhack:

  1. The committee has the authority to approve a domain name, or to reject a domain name on the basis that the requested domain name may be damaging to public policy or considered vulgar or offensive to public sentiments, or such names which are in violation of Israeli Law, as defined in Clause 7.3 of the Domain Registration Rules.
  2. The requested domain name apparently falls under the category of “vulgar expressions”. I fail to see how the requested domain name is offensive to public policy or sentiment, nor is it illegal to use the term.
  3. The word included in the domain name, on the condition that the intended meaning is derived from the accepted slang in Israel (a search for the word according to the requested domain’s spelling retrieves various meanings according to the Free (Universal) Encyclopedia and Wikipedia) does not constitute a pejorative. However, this term hardly represents the splendor of the Hebrew language, yet that does not make it invalid in my opinion. When considering the accepted use of the word under the Israeli connotation, the level of vulgarity is very low (if it can even be considered as such). Even if the word has different meanings in other languages, especially since the word appears in Latin as opposed to Hebrew letters, I still see no reason to reject this domain.

In light of this, I recommend approving the requested domain name.

Boaz Okon, Judge (Ret.):

I agree to approve the requested domain name.

Yochi Brandeis:

I don’t think that this domain name should be rejected. It is idiotic and childish, but people have the right to be infantile if they wish. It is a basic right of every human being. I approve the domain name “kaki” for the requested web site.

Hank Nussbacher:

I see nothing wrong with the domain name “kaki” and in my opinion it poses no offense towards public sentiment. Therefore, I approve the requested domain name.

Deliberation Results:

All Committee members support reception of the request. As stated above, and according to the regulations that have been determined, the request for domain name “” is approved.

Committee Decision