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Decision regarding the domain נבלות

“נבלות”  Transliterated from the Hebrew “nevelot”, literally meaning “carcass” or “villainy”, colloquial meaning “scoundrel”

In Clause 5.g of The Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names:
Work Procedures
, it has been determined that:

“The Committee’s decisions will be received through a majority.
The decision to reject a domain name for registration must be based on a majority vote.”

All of the Committee members have voted in favor of approving the requested domain name – the domain name נבלות is approved.

Mr. Hank Nussbacher –
Chairperson of the Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names
of the Israel Internet Association

Committee member’s comments:

Prof. Michael Birnhack:

  1. The committee has the authority to approve a domain name, or to reject a domain name on the basis that the requested domain name may be damaging to public policy or considered vulgar or offensive to public sentiments, or such names which are in violation of Israeli Law, as defined in Clause 7.3 of the Domain Name Registration Rules.
  2. The requested domain name does not fall under any specific category. Under certain connotations, the word “nevelot” may be used as an expletive (“scoundrels”), but this is not necessarily a curse word or vulgarity, nor does it offend public policy or sentiment, nor is use of the domain name itself illegal.
  3. If the future website to be associated with this domain name (if it indeed is to be established) will contain illegal content, then it is up to whomever has been offended by or in any way harmed by the website’s content to initiate a civil litigation or make a criminal complaint. Therefore, none of these presumed factors should influence the approval or rejection of this domain name.

Boaz Okon, Judge (Ret.):

As Prof. Michael Birnhack has stated, I am of the opinion that the requested domain name poses no difficulty (from a societal or legal point of view).

Yochi Brandeis

I approve of the requested domain name “nevelot”. This word appears in ancient scriptures, from the Old Testament up to the modern era. A few years ago, there was a wonderful television program named “Nevelot” (2010), and no one claimed to be offended by it. Although it may, under certain circumstances, be considered an insult, there is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is not directed towards a particular individual or group.

Hank Nussbacher:

I see nothing wrong with the term “nevelot”, and in my opinion it does not carry any offense towards the public or public sentiment. Therefore, I approve the requested domain name.

Deliberation Results:

All Committee members approve the requested domain name. As stated above, and according to the regulations that have been determined, the request for domain name “נבלות” is approved.

Committee Decision