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Decision regarding the domain

“zaingadol” Translated from the Hebrew slang “big dick”

In Clause 5.g of The Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names:
Work Procedures
, it has been determined that:

“The Committee’s decisions will be received through a majority.
The decision to reject a domain name for registration must be based on a majority vote.”

All of the Committee members have voted in favor of approving the requested domain name – the domain name is approved.

Mr. Hank Nussbacher –
Chairperson of the Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names
of the Israel Internet Association

The Committee Members’ comments:

Prof. Michael Birnhack:

  1. The committee has the authority to approve a domain name, or to reject a domain name on the basis that the requested domain name may be damaging to public policy or considered vulgar or offensive to public sentiments, or such names which are in violation of Israeli Law, as defined in Clause 7.3 of the Domain Registration Rules.
  2. The requested domain name falls under the category of “vulgar words”. At first glance, the requested domain in and of itself does not violate the law. As in the previous instances, it must be made clear that the Committee has the authority only to examine a domain name, and not the future content of the domain’s website, whatever it may be. Additionally, according to Committee regulations, the Committee does not need to take into account the requester’s identity or the designated use of the domain and its associated website.
  3. The expression included in the requested domain name is considered vulgar, even if in this case it is not considered a pejorative (compared to request 2/12 regarding the domain name “sharmuta”).
  4. In this instance, I believe that the limits on vulgarities in domain names must be narrowed greatly. Our personal preferences are irrelevant in this matter. It is enough that there are potential legitimate uses for the expression. Furthermore, the fact that the requested domain name has been transliterated into Latin letters greatly reduces the probability that web surfers will accidently arrive at this particular domain. In this instance, the extent of offensiveness is minimal, and anyone surfing the Internet who accidently reaches this domain and feels uncomfortable, can exit the site.
  5. I am of the opinion that the requested domain name should be approved.

Boaz Okon (Judge, Ret.)

I agree with Prof. Birnhack, and in fact this is a vulgar expression, but the expression is written in non-Hebrew letters. In order to find such an expression in a web search, one must transliterate the Hebrew word to Latin letters. Even more so, use of the vulgar expression is not directed towards a particular population or individual which may be deemed offensive. Anyone who disapproves of the expression is not required to visit the website. In this we may differentiate between the current expression and the previous expression (כלהנשיםזונות  -“all women are sluts”), in which it is not the vulgarity of the expression, but rather its intention, which may be offensive to the web surfer.

Yochi Brandeis

The domain name is vulgar and repulsive, but I do not see any possibility to force people to be sensitive and gentle (I wish it were possible…). If that’s what they want, let them enjoy it!

Hank Nussbacher

I am of the opinion that if we begin rejecting vulgar words – we will have a very long list to which we will never see an end. Since the domain name is not directed towards a particular individual or group, I support its approval.

Deliberation Results:

All Committee members support reception of the request. As stated above, and according to the regulations that have been determined, the request for domain name “” is approved.

Committee Decision