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What details can I update on a domain name?

  • Address, telephone or email of the domain Holder or contact person.
  • Specify a different contact person
  • Transfer Lock/ Unlock
  • DNS Servers
  • Name of Holder – only for specific instances (details at bottom of page)

Modifying details encompasses those instances which do not entail the transfer of a Holder’s domain rights (reassignment).
All modifications are free of charge.

How can I verify that the modifications have been made?

After the modify request has been sent via the registrar’s interface, the registrar transfers the changes to the registry. The request is usually approved within a few minutes, and the modification can be viewed in the WHOIS.
If the modification has not been implemented or if inaccurate, please contact your registrar.
Please note: DNS information is updated 5 times a day.

Modifying a Holder Name vs Reassign

Modifying the name of a domain holder to a different person/entity entails a different procedure termed Reassignment. This operation requires a separate form and fee. Click here to reassign a domain name.

When the entity remains the same but only the Holder’s actual name is modified (such as a company changing its name or an individual changing their name, as in the case of marriage, for example), the procedure is considered to be a modification and not reassignment, and no fee is required, however official documents regarding the name change must be presented, according to the circumstances.

Submitting a Modification Request

Please contact your ISOC-IL Accredited Registrar to make a modification.

To send a modification request for a domain directly managed by ISOC-IL