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Deleting a domain

When should the Delete Operation be employed?

When a holder is interested in deleting a domain name immediately, this function may be used.
Upon confirmation of the operation, the domain name will no longer be registered and be open to the public under a “first come first serve basis”.

Note: The Delete Operation is not part of an intermediate stage for any other request.
Do not use the Delete Operation to transfer domain management, implement updates, reassign the domain or for any other purpose.

Only a registered domain may be deleted, and only the holder has the right to perform this operation.

Domain registration fees, in whole or in part, are not refunded for the remaining registration period when a domain is deleted.

In the event that a domain has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

Submitting a Delete Request

Please contact your ISOC-IL Accredited Registrar to Delete your domain name.

To send a delete request for a domain directly managed by ISOC-IL