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Legal Information

There are two major legal aspects to the REG-REG system. The first deals with the bilateral relationships between ISOC-IL and an Accredited Registrar, and includes the Accreditation Agreement. The second relates to the general public, entailing the amended version of the Registration Rules.

Accreditation Agreement

The status of being an .il Accredited Registrar entitles the registrar to several benefits, while subjecting it to a set of obligations derived from the fact that it carries the ISOC-IL approval. Benefits for the Registrar include programmatic, secured and authenticated access to registry operations, and automatic processing of the majority of the registration actions. The set of obligations is derived from the registrars’ obligation to act professionally and faithfully for the benefit of their clients, the registry and the Internet community.

To view the accreditation agreement:

Accreditation Agreement v2.02