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Accreditation Procedure


Submit a completed Request for Accreditation. Accreditation Form The form must be accurate and complete. Send the completed form, together with required information and accompanying documents to email (to: acc_application AT or by post (to: Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), 6 Bareket St. POB 7210 Petach Tikva 4951774, Israel). A non-refundable application fee of NIS 2,000 may be paid via bank transfer, cheque, or credit card.

ISOC-IL will examine the application and determine whether the applicant meets the accreditation criteria. A threshold requirement for the examination of the request (and for the accreditation as registrar) is a turn-over of at least 1.5 million NIS in each of the three calendar years that preceded the submission of the application. This threshold is one criterion from the criteria set for the examination of the applicant’s financial strength. Subject to specific data presented by the applicant, including but not limited to, previous experience, computer and communication systems, security systems and procedures, backup systems, system redundancy, man power and quality of service, ISOC-IL reserves the right to reject applications not meeting this threshold requirement.

Signing the Accreditation Agreement

If the applicant meets the initial criteria, ISOC-IL will sign an Accreditation Agreement with the applicant. Accreditation Agreement v2.02 Please note: Signing the Agreement does not automatically confirm accreditation.

Receiption of Accreditation Approval

Following the signing of the Accreditation Agreement, the applicant should demonstrate to ISOC-IL a working client-side application that meets all the requirements detailed in the Reference Manual and a valid insurance policy as set forth in the Accreditation Agreement. Upon meeting those requirements, the applicant will be given an Accreditation Approval and will receive the status of an ISOC-IL Accredited Registrar. The application fee will be credited towards the registrar’s account and will be used for the registrar’s registration operations.