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ISOC-IL Upgrades the IIX, Improving Internet Infrastructure in Israel

ISOC-IL upgraded recently the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX) with a hardware component that makes DNS information from around the world accessible, improving the speed and efficiency of the national internet infrastructure. The system also provides access to the Quad9 DNS service, which filters malware and malicious websites and maintains users privacy

ISOC-IL installed a dedicated hardware component in the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX), ensuring users will enjoy faster, more streamlined access to the World Wide Web while gaining access to advanced cyber protection and privacy services.

PCH’s hardware compiles the latest DNS (Domain Name System) information from dozens of national domain name registries, such as British websites ending in .uk or German ones ending in .de. The new component also contains a database of two top-level root servers (accessed by users when loading a website).

The component accelerates and streamlines internet access in Israel. Every time a user attempts to load a website using a computer or a smartphone, the device turns to the DNS infrastructure to translate the URL (the domain name of the website typed into the browser’s address bar) into its numeric address (an IP address). Gaining access to the latest information available from international domain name registrars improves the speed of the entire internet infrastructure in Israel, ensuring the system can resolve these DNS queries much quicker than before.

Thanks to the new hardware, users in Israel also gain free access to advanced cyber and privacy protection services. The component provides quick access to QUAD9’s global DNS service (at, which filters malware and malicious websites based on IBM’s global X-Force cyber intelligence system. QUAD9’s filtering system is free to use and does not collect or store users personally-identifiable data.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a decentralized hierarchical “phonebook” of the entire internet, linking a domain name (such as to the website’s numeric IP address (the IP address of, for example, is ).

The Israeli Internet Exchange (IIX), established and managed by Israel Internet Association, is a central communication switch connecting most Internet Service Providers in Israel, enabling fast, secure, and affordable intra-Israel internet traffic. The IIX allows an internet user in Israel to browse local websites without routing the traffic outside of the country, improving both internet speeds and national cybersecurity. The vast majority of ISPs are connected to the IIX.