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TikTok Safety Enforcement Tool Training for ISOC-IL Team

In its ongoing commitment to enhancing user safety on social media, ISOC-IL’s Internet Safety Hotline, a trusted TikTok Community Partner, recently participated in a targeted training session with TikTok. This collaboration aimed to familiarize our team with the newly introduced TikTok Safety Enforcement Tool (TSET). The enhanced tool simplifies the user reporting process and enables more precise identification of abusive content, thereby improving the efficiency of responses to harmful online interactions. The upgraded system not only streamlines the reporting process but also enhances the follow-up procedures on reported incidents, enabling more effective tracking and response for broader harmful activities online that extend beyond just isolated cases. We hope this system will offer a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to content flagging and better identification of widespread or coordinated phenomena, significantly benefiting both individual users and community safety advocates like ISOC-IL. 

ISOC-IL is proud of its collaboration with TikTok and other major platforms. Our latest annual survey on online violent discourse, conducted in Hebrew, shows a modest increase in the use of platform reporting mechanisms in Israel. Despite this progress, a gap in trust remains among users regarding the efficacy of these systems. We urge social media platforms to continue improving existing reporting systems and to bolster their responsiveness to the rising use of these tools.

See the full list of online platforms who have taken ISOC-IL on board as a Trusted Flaggers and/or Reporter, and more on ISOC-IL’s Internet Safety Hotline here.