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ISOC-IL’s Internet Safety Hotline Publishes LGBTQ Safety Guide in Light of Pride Month

LGBTQ equality and rights are just as important in virtual environments as they are in the workplace and in the public sphere. Being aware of the common threats experienced by LGBTQ community members and having knowledge about the available resources to address online abuse of this nature can greatly enhance their personal online security.

The Internet Safety Hotline of the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) published an online safety guide with a focus on the needs and characteristics of members of the LGBTQ community in light of Pride Month 2023. The guide outlines common forms of online harassment and threats based on sexual orientation and provides various tools and support channels to aid those experiencing this kind of abuse.

For the full guide (Hebrew)

The Hotline also recently published a Hebrew-language safety guide for Grindr users, providing essential rules for safe use of the dating app and familiarizing users with Grindr’s in-app reporting tools. The Hotline’s unique Trusted Flagger status on Grindr and other social media platforms makes it another valuable resource for targets of online abuse in Israel. It provides victims with a direct channel to report cases of harm or distress experienced on these platforms.

Grindr Safety Guide (Hebrew)

The Israel Internet Association’s Internet Safety Hotline offers a vast repository of resources, tools and guides for Israeli internet users, driven by its commitment to create a safer online environment for all. Some examples include the recently published “Parents and Teens Online: Mindful Use of Screens and Social Networks” and numerous other guides promoting information literacy and cyber self-defense.

For the full list of guides (Hebrew)