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ISOC-IL annual report 2019 – available online

Israel Internet Association (“ISOC-IL”) has published its annual report for 2019

In the past five years, ISOC-IL has been publishing a detailed annual report, providing the Israeli public full transparency regarding its operations. The report includes an extensive, in-depth overview of ISOC-IL’s major activities, data, and information regarding innovations and various projects that have taken place throughout the year.
The report is submitted to ISOC-IL members at the annual general meeting and to Israeli decision makers, and available online for the public.
Executive Summary
The annual report of ISOC-IL for 2019, reviews the entire scope of operations throughout the passing year. It has been a busy year, featuring various initiatives representing the breadth of ISOC-IL’s activities.

In 2019, ISOC-IL continued to invest considerable resources in upgrading the infrastructure it manages for the Israeli internet community, including increasing the country’s cybersecurity when it comes to the .il space and its DNS system and improving domain name registration services.

ISOC-IL installed a PCH hardware component in the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX), providing a robust DNS information redundancy system throughout the .il space, ensuring internet users in Israel gain better access and higher speeds to global DNS systems. The upgrade has also enabled nationwide access to Quad9, a free DNS platform, which protects users against malware and phishing and ensures their online privacy.

The ongoing efforts to improve domain name registration services resulted in developing a synchronous work interface with authorized registrars, enabling some actions in the registry to be completed immediately. Registrars can also have extend domain names registration for up to five years, making it easier for domain name holders to retain their rights. In addition, ISOC-IL has started the process of upgrading its internal computer infrastructure, streamlining ISOC-IL activities.

Three Internet Service Providers joined the Israeli Internet eXchange in 2019, and the volume of traffic at the IIX reached a peak of about 80 gigabits per second.

ISOC-IL continued to advise various state bodies on cyber protection issues related to domain names and DNS: gathering information on the scope of implementation of email verification mechanisms (SPF and DMARC) in the .il space; advising on election cybersecurity and potential abuse of domain names; promoting DNSSEC implementation processes in the Israeli cyberspace; and ensuring the Israeli economy is prepared to changes in DNS technologies (during the global “DNS Flag Day” update to global DNS servers).

In 2019, ISOC-IL supported the research and publication of public policy documents on the following topics: the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology, and 5G technology. These studies are the foundation of National policy recommendations on the issues they raise.

In April 2019, ISOC-IL launched Block – Cyber Protection Center for Individuals and Small Businesses ( The website provides individuals and small businesses with cyber-security knowledge and hands-on tips. The website also includes a forum featuring advice from the Israeli cyber community.

In July 2019, ICANN, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, accepted the proposal of an expert committee operating on its behalf within ISOC-IL, to implement Hebrew script at the top-level DNS zone (Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone), leading the way to proper, safe adoption of Hebrew at all levels of the DNS system.

The full report offers an extensive review of these brief reports, as well as further information about other topics. (available in Hebrew)