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ISOC-IL’s Participation in 2023 DNS Hackathon and DNS-Today Project

ISOC-IL is proud of Lavie Ben-Baruch and Artyom Minasyan from its engineering team, who took part in the DNS hackathon hosted by DNS-OARC, Netnod and RIPE NCC this past May. Bringing together teams from around the world, the hackathon addressed DNS-related challenges pertaining to Sustainability, Security and Privacy, and Sovereignty.

Lavie and Artyom were two of around 40 selected to participate in the hackathon, where participants divided into 6 teams to work on developing various DNS projects. Some teams focused on novel tools and technologies, some on technical guides, and some aimed to solve a specific problem.

ISOC-IL’s team worked on DNS-Today, a project aimed at identifying the defining characteristics of contemporary DNS traffic patterns and constructing a guide to help technical users and network operators identify anomalies and analyze what’s happening in their DNS. The project highlighted the ways in which DNS activity has evolved over the years, now that the use of DOT, DOH and DNSSEC have entered into the equation. Other initiatives advanced at the conference included a DNS home appliance that would provide users with a low-cost, high-speed DNS solution, and DNS-oops, a blueprint for DNS out of protocol signaling.

The hackathon was a great success, and produced useful innovations as well as promising ideas for future development.

The complete list of projects with links to results and presentations: