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Why is it important to provide correct details when registering a domain name and to update them when necessary?

When registering a domain name, it is mandatory to provide full, correct and authentic details. Providing partial, erroneous or fictitious information is contrary to the rules of registration and could lead to deletion of the domain. Furthermore, the details must be updated whenever necessary.

The importance of the accuracy of the details in any domain registry, as in the .il and .ישראל registries managed by the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL), bears first and foremost upon domain ownership rights. Incomplete registration or registration in the name of a fictitious entity might lead to the incorrect identification of the holder, difficulty in carrying out certain actions pertaining to the domain and even to its deletion. Ensuring current registration details enables the registry and the registrars to contact the holder regarding an approaching renewal date, the launching of a dispute resolution procedure or any other important notification regarding the domain. 

The provision and regular updating of your information protect your holder’s rights and ownership of the domain.

Persons registering domains with malicious intent are generally reluctant to provide their authentic personal information, so they tend to provide incomplete, incorrect or fictitious details. Verification of registration information is just one of our methods at the registry, among many other actions and efforts, to stop and prevent domain abuse. 

The registry uses a number of methods to verify that the registration details are correct

The registry staff review every new registration application and whenever a suspicion arises as to the veracity of the information – the registry asks the registrar to perform an additional verification process. The same procedure is followed in cases involving public complaints about a specific domain name whose registration details seem to be inaccurate. The registry also conducts random inspections on a regular basis. In addition, the registrars are required to send an email once a year to the domain holders with a request to update their registration details, if there have been any changes. 

Are you registering a domain for business or personal use?

When registering a domain for a corporation (a company, association or partnership), it is important to ensure that the domain is registered in the name of the corporation itself and it is extremely important that the domain is not registered in the name of another company or in the name of an employee in the business who is not the rights-holder and who could be replaced. Such registration might cause future dependency on an irrelevant party and thus create difficulties in the management and use of the domain. When registering a domain as a “sole trader,” or a person who is self-employed, the domain must be registered in the name of the business owner. In the case of registration for personal use, the domain must be registered in your own name.


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