IIX IL - Leased Line Connected Peers - Map

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IIX IL - Leased Line Connected Peers - Peer Status

Currently peering with the IIX

(in order of connecting):

Currently peering with the IIX
Peer Name Size Type Status IPv6 Backup Link Redundancy Status
  Machba (Israeli Universities Consortium) 10Gb/s 10GE Active
  Netvision 013 \ Cellcom 100GE 100GE Active 100Gb/s
  Bezeq International 100Gb/s 100GE Active 100Gb/s
  Partner \ 012 100Gb/s 100GE Active 100Gb/s
  Interspace 200Mb/s GE
  Internet Binat 20Gb/s 10GE Active Yes
  Gilat Telecom 40Gb/s 40GE Active 40Gb/s
  GOV.IL - Tehila 1Gb/s GE Active
  AT&T 1Gb/s GE Active
  R.L. Internet 10Gb/s 10GE
  Internet Rimon 40Gb/s 10GE Active
  CCC 20Gb/s 10GE Active Yes
  Hot Net 200Gb/s 100GE Active 200Gb/s
  CellAct Communication 100Mb/s GE Active 100Mb/s Yes
  Interhost 100Gb/s 100GE Active
  VoiceCenter 100Mb/s GE Active
  ITC 100Gb/s 100GE Active 100Gb/s
  Connect972 40Gb/s 10GE Active
  Bezeq 200Gb/s 100GE Active Yes
  CLOUD LEASE Ltd. 40Gb/s 40GE Active
  Tamares Telecom 200Gb/s 100GE Active   Yes


Adding up the speed figures of the Shared GigE connected Peers in the above table, may result in a figure that is larger than the nominal IIX GigE trunks speed. This does not imply “overbooking”, or oversubscription of the access lines.

Traffic distribution in multiplexed networks is statistical. The correct way to check for trunk utilization would, therefore, be to go over some statistics.