Accredited Registrars

Accredited Registrars are companies or organizations that have been accredited by ISOC-IL to register Domain Names under the and SLDs. The following is the list of ISOC-IL Accredited Registrars and their websites.

Update in the transfer procedures

Given complaints received in the Israel Internet Association regarding the cumbersome practice of authorized registrars in the process of transferring names from the management of one registrar to another, ISOC-IL has updated the procedures that bind the registrars regarding the transfer of domain name management between them. As from September, 11th 2012, the process of unlocking a domain name prior to its transfer from one registrar to another, will be identical (in the procedure and required documents) to any other update process of the domain name.

For any complaint regarding the registrar's activity, services provided by them and any other issue concerning their functioning as a registrar, please contact The Israeli Internet Association