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Dr. Tomer Simon

Dr. Tomer Simon has over 24 years of experience in the local and international high-tech industry in a variety of senior management, development and technology positions, including Chief Architect for the Ministry of Justice, CTO and futurist at Amdocs, and VP of National Technology at Microsoft Israel. 

Tomer currently serves as Chief Scientist at Microsoft Israel Research and Development.

He has an undergraduate degree in geophysics and a master’s degree in public health from Tel Aviv University. He devoted his doctorate to emergency management and artificial intelligence research at Ben Gurion University. He also studied at Oxford University’s and Cambridge University’s Executive Education programs in England.

Tomer holds volunteer positions on a number of national committees and initiatives: In recent years, he has been an active member of the Israel Internet Association’s Infrastructure Steering Committee. He has also served as a volunteer member of the Ministry of Education’s AI steering committee and of the TOP15 team for improving middle school science and technology education. He is involved in dozens of committees and national initiatives in the fields of talent, high-tech, education, employment and technology.