Bring back home all the hostages

Dr. Hama Abu-Kishk

Dr. Hama Abu-Kishk is a senior faculty member and lecturer in the Communications Department at Sapir College, where she also serves as Academic DEI officer, Head of the Laboratory for Arab Innovation and Entrepreneurial Advancement, and Chair of the Committee for the Advancement of Arab Students and Promoting Fairness and Partnership between Arabs and Jews on the Sapir Campus. She has also taught at Levinsky College and Kay College and served as Head of the Technological Entrepreneurship Program at the Ono Academic College.

Hama is a staff writer for “Media Frames: Israeli Journal of Communication”.

Her research interests include digital divides, new media, digital activism, and digital learning. Her research has been presented at local and international conferences and published in leading scholarly journals around the world.

Hama earned her PhD at the Department of Communications at Ben Gurion University, and went on to collaborate with other researchers in conducting postdoctoral research that examined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent transition to online learning on students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds within the Israeli higher education system. She is active in the Center for Research on Media Use Among Children and Adolescents, which conducts and assists in academic research studies on children’s interaction with media in Israel and around the world, and published her research on the subject of Jewish and Arab children’s use of media during the COVID-19 pandemic. She completed her Master’s degree in Curriculum Development with honors at Tel Aviv University in the Communications and Computers in Education track, and her Bachelor’s degree in Education and Middle East Studies, also with honors, from Ben Gurion University.