Transferring between registrars

Domain name holders have the right to transfer domain name management to the Accredited Registrar of their choice. Procedure: Check whether the domain name is locked through the WHOIS. A locked domain must be released prior to the transfer request. This is achieved through the Losing (present) Registrar’s interface. Send a request to receive a […]

Hebrew domain names

General Information The registration of domain names containing Hebrew characters, such as איגוד-האינטרנט (ISOC-IL in Hebrew), has been available since December 26, 2010. The registration of Hebrew domain names is an expansion of the existing domain name registration service and is subject to the registration rules. To register a Hebrew domain name please contact one of ISOC-IL’s accredited […]

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique name identified with a particular Internet site and/or email address. For example, when a person visits a website, the domain name appears in the web address bar located at the upper level of the webpage. When the user sends an email, the domain name appears after the “at” sign […]

How to register an .il domain

Registering a domain name for a future website or application involves a few stages. This guide provides a few tips for registering a domain in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Choosing a Domain Name Choosing a domain name is an important process with far-reaching consequences for marketing or branding a product, service, identities or icons […]

New domain registration

Domain name registration is processed according to registration rules since January 1, 1999. Prior to submitting a request please review of the registration rules . In the Domain Name Registration Guide, you may find a detailed description of the registration process & rules. Registration of domain names with extensions,,,, is done […]

Deleting a domain

When should the Delete Operation be employed? When a holder is interested in deleting a domain name immediately, this function may be used. Upon confirmation of the operation, the domain name will no longer be registered and be open to the public under a “first come first serve basis”. Note: The Delete Operation is not […]

Domain Name Management

Domain names are managed via ISOC-IL’s Domain Name Management Interface. Any activity related to domain names is administrated through an ISOC-IL Accredited Registrar. Therefore, it is the registrar’s responsibility to enable and assist their clients in managing domain names easily, efficiently and securely. For your convenience, detailed here are the activities and procedures available through […]

How to Choose a Registrar

Registering, renewing and modifying .il domain names is done via ISOC-IL Accredited Registrars. These registrars are private enterprises certified by Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) as public Domain Registration Service Suppliers, who fulfill the technical, service and legal criteria, determined and regulated by ISOC-IL. This model exists in most registries worldwide, often in democratic countries where […]

Modifying a Holder Name vs Changing Ownership

Transferring the name of a domain owner to a different person/entity entails a different procedure termed Reassignment. This operation requires a separate form and fee. Click here to reassign a domain name. When an entity remains legally the same entity but implements modifications in the holder’s name (such as a business changing its name or […]


What is Reassignment? Reassignment is a procedure in which the rights to a domain name are legally transferred from one legal entity to another. The change is implemented via a request for Reassignment. This procedure entails registering an existing domain name under a different holder name. Reassignment is not modification, which is the procedure of […]

Renewing a domain

To renew a domain name, a renewal fee is required by the Accredited Registrar. Ensure that the request has been properly processed through the registrar’s website or through the WHOIS. When the renewal date is near, the registrar will usually send a notice via the holder’s email listed on the registrar’s database. It is important […]

Technical Information

Technical Information The REG-REG System is an XML-based transaction system. Communication with the REG-REG Server is done asynchronously, where the transaction units are digitally-signed electronic mail messages (signing provided by PGP). The REG-REG Server responses are sent as signed mail as well. The system uses elements of the EPP protocol family, although it is not […]

Registration Rules

Rules for the Allocation of Domain Names Under the Israel Country Code Top Level Domain (“.IL”) Original version: December 1998 Last update: May 2020 (Version 1.8) Read the registration rules Summary of Amendments

Legal Information

There are two major legal aspects to the REG-REG system. The first deals with the bilateral relationships between ISOC-IL and an Accredited Registrar, and includes the Accreditation Agreement. The second relates to the general public, entailing the amended version of the Registration Rules. Accreditation Agreement The status of being an .il Accredited Registrar entitles the […]

Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL)

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