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Introduction Welcome to the official website of the Israel Internet Association (Registered Association) (hereinafter: the “Website” and the “Association”, respectively). The Association’s registration number is 580299543, and its address is: 6 Bareket Street, POB 7210, Peach Tikva 4951774, Israel. The Website is available on the following URL – www.isoc.org.il – and through any other domain […]

Privacy Policy

What is the Privacy Policy? The Israel Internet Association (Registered Association) (hereinafter: the “Association”) respects the privacy of the users of the Association’s website, available at www.isoc.org.il or any other domain name, at the Association’s discretion (hereinafter: the “Website”). The following terms explain the Website’s privacy practices. These covers, inter alia, the manner of the […]

Accessibility Declaration

The Israel Internet Association is committed to providing equal opportunities to people with special needs. Therefore, we designed and planned our site so as to meet the accessibility guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium – Level AA. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at: info@isoc.org.il. If you find areas that […]

About Us

The Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) is Israel’s country code top-level domains (ccTLD) registry, responsible for managing .il domain names and the ongoing operation of the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX), guaranteeing secure, fast, unrestricted access to Israeli and global websites and online services at any time and place. Like its counterparts in most other democratic countries, […]

Leadership Team

The appointed leadership and the professional team are the driving force of ISOC-IL. As a nonprofit organization, our Board members are being elected  by the association members, and serves as volunteers. Our Board members entrusted with the mission of outlining ISOC-IL leading strategy. The professional team, implements the objectives and policies set by the Board. We are […]

Domain name statistics in IL.

STATISTICS 2019 Number of registered domain names 2019 number of domain names January 248,237 February 248,217 March 248,096 April 247,666 May June July August September October November December Number of domain names (CSV file) Registration, renewal and expired 2019 new renew expired January 4,290 12,741 3,365 February 3,620 10,847 3,640 March 3,795 10,844 3,916 April […]


What details can I update on a domain name? Address, telephone or email of the domain Holder or contact person. Specify a different contact person Transfer Lock/ Unlock DNS Servers Name of Holder – only for specific instances (details at bottom of page) Modifying details encompasses those instances which do not entail the transfer of […]

Rules for the Allocation of Domain Names

Rules for the Allocation of Domain Names Under the Israel Country Code Top Level Domain (“IL “) Original version: December 1998 Last update: July 2016 Version: 1.5 (Old Registration Rules) Read the Registration Rules

Decision regarding the Domain Name נבלות.co.il

The Decision: In Clause 5.g of The Committee for the Review of Offensive Domain Names: Work Procedures, it has been determined that: “The Committee’s decisions will be received through a majority. The decision to reject a domain name for registration must be based on a majority vote.” All of the Committee members have voted in […]

ISOC stops direct registration of domain names

As from November 1st, 2016, ISOC-IL (RA) ceases to direct domain names registration and management and transfers the activity of registration and administration of domain names currently under its direct management to its accredited registrars*. ISOC-IL will focus on its role of managing and leading the IT infrastructure and database required for managing Israeli domain […]

Transfer Authorization Code

Introducing a technological-administrative layer of security in the process of transferring .IL Domain Names between Registrars As of September 3, 2018, the Israeli Domain Name system will include a technological-administrative method known as Transfer Authorization Code, already available in Registries worldwide. Background Transferring an .IL Domain Name from one Israel Internet Association Accredited Registrar to […]

Dispute Resolution Panels

Procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution under the .IL ccTLD by Dispute Resolution Panels (“IL-DRP”) Nature of Disputes Grounds for IL-DRP Procedure The IL-DRP Proceeding Additional Material Panelist/Panel Decision Binding Effect Of Decision Right To Seek Court Review Exclusion of Liability IL-DRP FEE SCHEDULE The IL-DRP is an alternative dispute resolution procedure intended to provide expedited […]

Old Registration Rules

Kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools are to register under k12.il Non-profit organizations such as amutot and malkarim are to register under org.il Academic institutions of higher education (with Malkar status) are to register under ac.il Governmental organizations are to register under gov.il The Internet Society of Israel has delegated responsibility for all gov.il domains […]

93% of .IL Domain Names are prepared for “DNS Flag day”

Following a forewarning and instructions issued by ISOC-IL, alerting that about 5,200 Israeli domain names could be affected by a planned update of global DNS servers, potentially causing disruption to websites around the world, 93% of domain holders made the necessary adjustments and will not be affected. Several weeks ago, ISOC-IL, managing the .IL domain […]

Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL)

ISOC-IL operates the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .il and manage the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX) - Guaranteeing secure, fast, unrestricted access to Israeli and global websites and online services at any time and place.

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