Digital Literacy

Since 2000, ISOC has been working to reduce the digital divide among communities, including the elderly, children at risk, and the Arab society in Israel. ISOC has developed training kits for empowering and safe use of the internet, instructing use of computers and Internet for thousands of users . In 2016 and again in 2017, […]

A petition to Prevent the Blocking of Websites Without a Court Order

A petition by Israel Internet Association Against the Israel Police to Prevent the Blocking of Websites Without a Court Order In October 2010, ISOC filed an administrative petition at the Tel Aviv District Court against the Israel Police following a police directive requiring Israeli internet providers to block access to several gambling websites. In its […]

Privacy of Children Online

The internet and particularly social networks are an integral part of the lives of teenagers and children, presenting both advantages and challenges. A critical issue is protecting their privacy and reducing the risks of sharing too much personal information online. Studies show that teenagers and children want privacy, offline and online, but the younger they […]

Internet in the Arab Society

There are several aspects of Digital divide : Availability and quality of access to digital media and the internet; Awareness of the possibilities, opportunities, and risks inherent in the internet; and skills that enable the best use of the internet. The causes of a digital divide are typically poor infrastructure investment by the state, local […]


The primary protocol that enables communication between computers is called IP (Internet Protocol): Each device connected to the internet has a unique numeric address known as an IP address used to route information from the sender to the receiver. The current version of IP (IPv4) enables the allocation of IP addresses to approximately 4.3 billion […]

Digital Memories

The internet is a personal database abundant in information. Whether voluntarily and deliberately produced by individuals or generated automatically by the platforms based on users’ activities – this information is stored online or on individuals’ devices and may help shape the memory of a loved one after he died. That raises questions about a person’s […]

Data and Statistics

Israel Internet Association believes it is pivotal that organizations, researchers, and individuals could learn about the unique qualities of the Israeli internet and its users. This kind of knowledge may drive technological, social, and public growth. Thus, ISOC-IL develops and maintains a database of all articles and quantitative studies conducted on the Israeli internet along […]

Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL)

ISOC-IL operates the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .il and manage the Israeli Internet eXchange (IIX) - Guaranteeing secure, fast, unrestricted access to Israeli and global websites and online services at any time and place.

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